Thursday 6 August 2020

got myself a film camera! Was just sitting in storage at my mum's house; an Asahi Pentax ME super in full working order! Been a nice experience getting familiar with film shooting... I did lots of exposure testing on Silky (my photogenic cat), although I think I still need some more practice as the majority of the photos came out over/under exposed :(

in other news I had my first ever colonoscopy on Monday, and hopefully my last. The prep for it was less than enjoyable... probably less so than the actual procedure, but hey, done now and seemingly everything is in working order.

i hit a point yesterday where I felt a bit overwhelmed with life and decided to take a couple of days off from the PhD. Yesterday and today I ventured into London with the camera and just tried to switch off for a while. Was hoping to sit by the canal in the garden of The Constitution but it's become a victim of the pandemic and closed down :( I also went to pick up a few things from my desk at Uni (my first visit there in over 6 months), felt strange...

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